An Urgent Plea From CRS President, Ken Hackett

As I take stock of the many blessings showered upon CRS in 2011, I consider your compassion the most inspiring. We don’t know what 2012 will bring. But one thing I can count on is the generosity and compassion of donors like you. That’s why I’m making this urgent appeal to you. Hunger, disease, conflict and poverty continue to ravage our brothers and sisters overseas. For their sake, we can’t come up short. Please make a generous gift to Catholic Relief Services today. Together, we can bring your compassion to life.

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One Response to An Urgent Plea From CRS President, Ken Hackett

  1. John-Jada says:

    Thank God, He carried us all by crossing into 2012.
    I pray that our Good “Lord Jesus” may bless all Catholic, Christians and other Faith society with spirit of truth, justice, reconciliation, liberty, freedom, just-peace, progress and love.
    May the people of the two countries Sudan and South Sudan discover the light of the Lord, for it bring peace and stability for all.
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